• Fantasy Architect [Subscription]

3 new Map Pack Kits per Month as released.

12-24 maps w/ Alts.

Decoration pieces & printable PDF.

Equal to the Patreon reward level "Architect"

  • Access to each Fantasy map I release during your subscription. (12-24 maps per month)
  • Get alternate versions of maps (Ex: day/night, alt terrain, deco or empty, etc).
  • Get extra separate placeable objects (barrels, rugs, chairs, etc) to build or modify the maps to your specifications.
  • Get a PDF of the map optimized for printing so you can play at a real tabletop with friends.

Fantasy Architect [Subscription]

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  • $9.00

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The Galleon [A]

The Galleon [A]



Ancient Portal Forest [A]
Autumn Cemetery [A]
Crypt of Evil [A]
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